Text & Speech System using Hand Gesture

I’m Varnit Goswami with username electrronix from Uttarakhand, India. Currently, I am studying at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) in ECE branch. Here is about my college project “Text & Speech System using Hand Gesture” and I made this project in the International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) is jointly organized every year since 2008 by the JIIT, Noida, India and the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.

This project is basically for dumb(Mute) people because they have their own sign language but normal people don’t know the sign language which is used for intercommunication between mute people. This system will be useful to solve this problem and help them to make their interaction easily with the people. They can communicate hassle-free by using this device.

So, in my project, the system makes use of a fingers motion reading system equipped with LDR sensors along with a Bluetooth module (HC-05) which can transmit data to the mobile, with the help of app it is spoken out and display on screen simultaneously. This system is powered by a battery powered circuitry to run it. Arduino is used for processing the data and operating the system. The system consists of around 16 stored messages like “ Help”, “Danger”, “Hungry” and so on that help, mute people convey basic messages. The system reads person fingers motions for different variations of hand movement. The Arduino constantly receives input sensor values and then processes it. Now it searches for matching messages for the set of sensor values with a specific pattern. Once it is found in memory this messages is retrieved and is spoken out using mobile app. Thus we have a fully functional smart speaking system to help mute people communicate with regular people using a simple wearable system.

Components required:

  1. Arduino Nano with cable
  2. Four LDR module
  3. Bluetooth module HC-05
  4. 16×2 LCD display
  5. IC 7805, 7809
  6. Diode 1n4007
  7. Heat sink
  8. 12v battery/adaptor
  9. Some breadboard and jumper wires

Mobile App: Bluetooth TTS or S2 terminal for bluetooth


  1. Complete the power supply circuit using a diode, IC 7805 and IC 7809 with Arduino nano.
  2. Install all four LDRs on a glove and their signal pins are connected on analog pins of Arduino.
  3. Connect 16×2 LCD display and Bluetooth module with the Arduino.
  4. Upload the code into the Arduino.
    (Caution: During uploading a code, remove Rx & Tx pins from the Arduino and connect again after the code upload.)
  5. Now connect Bluetooth mobile app with HC-05.
  6. Make different patterns using fingers and then, mobile shows words which correspond to them.
Circuit diagram
Real Picture


Check out the above link for code and circuit diagram.

This is a really good project for electronics geeks, This device is for dumb people, so that they can communicate easily with others which is the main problem which they face. I must say I had a great time making it and using it!!

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