Bluetooth Controlled Car


I’m Varnit Goswami with username electrronix from Uttarakhand, India. Currently, I am studying at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in ECE branch. Here is about my college project “Bluetooth Controlled Car” and I made this project in the second year of college.

In this blog, I will show you how to make a Bluetooth-controlled car which can be controlled through your Android smartphone using Bluetooth app. The robot car is fully based on Arduino and I hope to do step by step guide on making this robot in a very easy way. Hope you will enjoy it.

Bluetooth Controlled Car

Components required:

  1. Arduino Nano with cable
  2. IC L293d or Motor driver board
  3. Bluetooth module HC-05
  4. Metal chassis with caster wheel
  5. 12v DC motor (100 rpm) with tyres
  6. IC 7805, 7809
  7. Diode
  8. 1n4007
  9. Breadboard
  10. 12v battery
  11. Some breadboard and jumper wires

Mobile App: ArduinoRC or Remote XY


  1. Complete the power supply circuit using a diode, IC 7805 and IC 7809 with Arduino nano on a breadboard.
  2. Connect L293d and Bluetooth module with the Arduino as per circuit diagram.
  3. Now assemble metal chassis, caster wheel, motors & tyres and place breadboard on it.
  4. Upload the code into the Arduino.
    (Caution: During uploading a code, remove Rx & Tx pins from the Arduino and connect again after the code upload.)
  5. Now connect Bluetooth mobile app with HC-05. And control your car through a smartphone.
IC 7805, 7809 & L293d
Circuit diagram

Check out the above link for code and circuit diagram.

This is a really good project for electronics geeks. I must say I had a great time making it and using it!!

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”

~ William Pollard

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